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Author, playwright, translator
Author, playwright, translator

    Olivier Cadiot

    Olivier Cadiot publishes hist first book on poetry in 1988. Since 1993, he has published a series of novels centered around the same character, most of them were adapted for the stage by Ludovic Lagarde. He also works with the musician Rodolphe Burger on his third album Psychopharmaka. He translates and adapts Rainald Goetz, Gertrude Stein, Shakespeare, Ibsen and Tchekhov. In 2010, he is associated artist with Christoph Marthaler at the Avignon Festival. His last novel Providence is published by POL.


      Olivier Cadiot

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      • 11.11.16


        PARTITION(S) - Le Livre

        Cet ouvrage collectif rend compte des diverses interventions et modalités de travail qui ont nourri le programme de recherche.

      • 01.04.14

        01.04.2014 - 12.11.2016


        This research project originates from the fact that the musical term “score” has been borrowed, since the turn of the 20th century - and increasingly in recent decades - by other artistic disciplines, primarily theatre, performance and dance.