Health and accident insurance

All students enrolled at the Manufacture must be personally insured against sickness and accidents. In addition, they must take steps to obtain personal liability cover for all their activities outside course hours.

Every student enrolled at the Manufacture must provide the school with copies of the following certificates:

For students from Switzerland

  • proof of registration with a Swiss health insurance company

For EU nationals

  • European health insurance card (see below); at a later date, a copy of the "exemption from mandatory insurance" issued by the OCC (Cantonal supervisory body of health and accident in-surance, Organe cantonal de contrôle de l'assurance-maladie et accidents).

At least two weeks prior to your departure, you must obtain a European health insurance card (CEAM, ‘carte européenne d’assurance maladie’) from your health insurance company. The latter company must be a public (not private) insurance company.

Upon arrival in Switzerland, show your European health insurance card to the Cantonal supervisory body of health and accident insurance (OCC):

Organe Cantonal de Contrôle de l'assurance-maladie et accidents (OCC) Chemin de Mornex 40, Lausanne 
tél. +41 (0)21 557 47 47 (mornings only)

For nationals of countries outside the EU

Nationals of countries outside the EU must in principle take out health insurance in Switzerland and are free to choose their insurer. It is important to compare the amount of premiums, which can vary considerably from one health insurer to another and according to the plan subscribed. The following website is helpful in this regard: