Everything you need to know about competitive entry and becoming a student at the Manufacture!

This page provides information regarding admission requirements and application procedures for each degree course, as well as regulations governing admissions and studies at the Manufacture.

In 2021, an entrance exam is hold for the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, Bachelor in Theatre and for the Master in Theater. For the Master, it will be possible to chose between an orientation in Stage Direction or Scenography. Classes will start in September 2021.

Online registration will open in early December 2020. 

Bachelor in Contemporary Dance

Admission to the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance results of a two-round competitive audition that held in spring, two times every three years. The next one will be held in 2021.

To start the program at the 2021-2022 academic year

Online registration will open in the fall. The deadline for file submission will be February 2021.

The 1st round will take place in March 2021 :
- in Bruxelles
- in Lausanne

Candidates selected at the end of the 1st round will be invited to participate in the 2nd round workshop at the Manufacture. 

Bachelor in Theatre

Admission to the Bachelor in Theatre results of a two-round competitive audition held twice every three years. 

Master in Theatre

Admission to the Master in Theatre, orientations in Stage Direction and Scenography, results of a competitive audition held every year in spring.

To start the program at the 2021-2022 academic year

Online registration will open in the fall. The deadline for file submission is March 2021.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. What is the minimum/maximum age to apply at the Manufacture?

There is no limit of age. Candidates need to be 18 before the opening of the academic year (mid-September).

2. How many times can I apply to the auditions of the Manufacture? 

If a candidate is not selected after an audition, he or she could apply two times more, meaning a total of three attempts. The candidate can audition again the following year, if auditions are held that year. 

3. What is the official language of work at the Manufacture? 

The Manufacture is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland (Romandie). Therefore, the main language of life and work at the Manufacture is French. 

A perfect command of French is specifically required for the Master and Bachelor degrees in Theatre. For the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, the classes and workshops are given in French and/or English. Students are not required to be bilingual upon admission, but they are expected to acquire a very good level of understanding of the other language over the course of their first year of studies.

4. When will the selected candidates be notified of the results? 

For both Theatre and Dance Bachelors auditions the selected candidates will be notified in person at the end of the last day of the second round of the audition. A written confirmation will be sent by email within the following week. 

For the Master in Theater, selected candidates will be receiving a written confirmation by email within the first week after the audition. 

5. Does the Manufacture directly manage grants? 

The Manufacture itself does not attribute scholarships. The school, however, supports students in need in their efforts to obtain specific scholarships from third parties, and a request for subsidiary aid may be submitted to the Association des Artisans, linked to the school, at the beginning of October (see the Grants section). Candidates should nonetheless be aware that grants in the artistic field are rare and most often allocated to Swiss students. As a result, candidates should contact their country and/or region of origin in the first place to ask for scholarships. 

6. Is it possible to have a student job while studying at the Manufacture? 

All courses are to be followed full-time. It is therefore possible to work outside the official schedule, at night, during the weekends and/or the holidays. Though, we underline that the general sustained pace of the studies and the complementary schoolwork expected makes it quite difficult to hold. 

Because of the high cost of living in Switzerland, please note that a student job only will not be sufficient to cover for all your expenses.