Master in Theatre

Stage direction is the art to transform, translate and build architectures of meaning and transient feelings that are essential to human beings.

Oriented towards artistic research and its applications, this course adopts a practical approach to creativity and the hybridization of disciplines. It aims to train creative individuals capable of maintaining and renewing the aesthetic paradigms of the stage. The degree is offered in collaboration with Switzerland’s three other drama schools, namely Berne (HKB), Zurich (ZHdK) and Verscio (STD), as part of the Master-Campus-Theatre (MCTS) programme.

Practical information

Full time
3 semesters
500 CHF/semester
Jonas BeausireCoordinator of studies

Course objectives

  • To master the dramatic, scenographic and technical tools and languages of the stage ;
  • To develop one’s own personal artistic discourse ;
  • To be able to critically analyse and put in perspective knowledge, theories, and practices ;
  • To be able to elaborate and develop an artistic research problematic ;
  • To reach creative and administrative autonomy in the setting of a professional stage production.

Course content

The course is modular. Subjects covered during the degree are by their nature complementary:

  • The creative process, actors and chronicles of the director’s art.
  • Space, architecture, performance locales, stage design.
  • Theoretical and historical aspects of stage direction, theatrical art.
  • Relations with other artistic disciplines, fusion.

Students choose their course from three types of modules :

  • Tools: lessons and seminars that provide working tools and encourage critical analysis of the art of stage direction.
  • Workshops: practical sessions accompanied by recognised professionals, giving rise to creative projects and shows presented in public.
  • Master’s project: artistic research comprising a theoretical part (written work akin to a dissertation) and a practical part (public performance).

Additional modules are also studied within the Master Campus Theatre programme (dramaturgy, drama teaching, performance, stage design, etc.). Work at the end of the course involves the organisation of a mini-festival offering real visibility to students for the launch of their professional careers.

Research plays an important part in the programme. It will be expected from the students an investment into the school’s performing arts research projects.

  • 08.09.16

    08.09 - 11.09.2016

    OUT 3

    Presentation of the graduation works from the Master in Stage Direction students.

  • 16.02.15

    16.02 - 19.02.2015

    Burn Out 2

    2015 Graduation projects directed by the students in Master in Theatre

  • 23.06.14

    23.06 - 25.06.2014

    Burn Out

    2014 Graduation projects directed by the students in Master in Theatre

  • 08.10.18


    Graduation Ceremony

    The official graduation ceremony for students of the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and of the CFC Techniscéniste will take place on Monday 08 October 2018 at the Manufacture.

  • 06.09.18

    06.09 - 09.09.2018

    Festival Out 5

    The Festival Out 5 presents six perfomances directed by the students in Master in Theater

  • 14.11.17

    14.11 - 15.11.2017

    Mise en lecture

    Rendez-vous mardi 14 et mercredi 15 novembre au Foyer pour assister à la mise en lecture du texte Credoinunsoldio de l'auteur et metteur en scène italien Stefano Massini par un étudiant de Master Théâtre, Jean-Ahmed Trendl.