Stage director
MAT-16 Stage director

    Maria Da Silva

    Maria Da Silva was born in Portugal. She has lived in Switzerland since she was nine years old. After a Master of Arts in Aesthetics and History of Cinema and Cultural studies, Maria studied theatrical dramaturgy. She then got trained in cultural mediation and conducted many activities with the audience in two theaters in Geneva. She was also head of the Maison du dessin de presse in Morges and signed several political exhibitions. Since ten years she has been collaborating with Swiss-French theater companies. Also trained as stage director at the Manufacture of Lausanne.

    Her artistic work involves an investigation of reality and its unveiling by fiction. She is concerned by power interactions and how it guides human actions. She is also interested in the question of the fragility of memory and, more particularly, the memory of the spectator. She has created with Nicolas Dutour the common denominators collective interested by public spaces as places of desire. In December 2018, she directed "Tout à Verlan" at Grütli theater in Geneva.