Association des Artisan·x·es

Les Artisan·x·es de la Manufacture is an association founded in 2006, gathering performing arts lovers and Manufacture graduates, dedicated to support Manufacture students.

Its goal is to raise funds to deliver study grants to the students of modest income.

By becoming a member of Les Artisan·x·es de la Manufacture, you can help young actors, dancers and stage directors through their studies, gain a privileged access to their public presentations, and follow their evolution.

Make a donation or join

To join the association, you only need to pay an annual subscription.

Amount of subscription:

  • As an individual member : 50.- CHF
  • As a collective member : 100.- CHF

Please transfer the funds, indicating « Cotisation » on the account:

Les Artisans de la Manufacture, 1007 Lausanne
CCP 17 - 206 496 – 3

You can also use the same account to make a simple donation, without becoming a member. All contributions are warmly welcome!

Association Committee

President : Piera Bellato
Treasurer : Cédric Leproust
Secretary : Samuel Bezençon
Members : Stella Giuliani, Jean-Luc Bideau

Members of the working groups : Lisa Veyrier, Marie Ripoll, Cécile Goussard, Marion Chabloz, Mélina Martin, Lara Khattabi, Adrien Mani et Cédric Djédjé.

Contact :