Bachelor in Theatre

180 ECTS
Valeria Bertolotto
Formation HES
180 ECTS Valeria Bertolotto
Formation HES

The Manufacture offers a Bachelor programme for actors in which stagecraft is constantly honed by theory, research and experimentation.

It seeks to train actors who are independent, responsible and inventive, capable not only of taking an active part in the creative process but also of perfecting their technique, asserting their individuality and acquiring an all-round understanding of the artistic adventures upon which they embark.

The full-time programme alternates between regular classes and practical and experimental workshops with guest artists.

Course content

Teaching is built around three main pillars which develop over the three year period: from acquiring a basic understanding to consolidating practical skills, and finally learning to become independent.

  • Technical aspects focus on understanding, perfecting and extending the basic tools of the actor (movement, voice, presence) in their diversity of use and expressive capacities.
  • Theory provides a sound historical and dramaturgical knowledge of works and currents, with a view to developing contextual, critical and reflective thought which can support the actor’s work on stage. It provides the necessary methodological tools to allow scope for curiosity and analysis.
  • Practical work is central to the course. Through its pluralistic approach to performance and characterisation it situates students between a tradition of the actor based on appropriation of dramatic text with its specific poetics and varying contexts, and the creation of forms and narratives derived essentially from presence on the stage.
  • The Bachelor programme ends with the production of an original solo performance lasting around thirty minutes, and the writing of a theoretical dissertation of between twenty and thirty pages offering a contextualised critique of the performance.

Actors are gradually encouraged to perform in public and gain independence by completing personal projects. The degree also includes a cinematographic approach to acting and participation in the leaving tour. Lastly, students benefit from coaching designed to ease their transition as professionals into the world of the arts.

Course objectives

  • To master the actor’s theoretical and technical tools in the service of creativity ;
  • To develop a personal artistic identity and approach to art ;
  • To develop an attitude towards artistic research and experimentation ;
  • To develop a reflexive approach to art connected to today’s society ;
  • To discover a variety of performing art forms, aesthetics, writings and cultures.

Practical Information

Full time
3 years
180 ECTS
French mandatory
High school diploma
500 CHF per semester
Silvia GuerreiroCoordinator of studies
Bachelor in Theatre