Cube – Studio théâtre de Hérisson (FR)
Cube – Studio théâtre de Hérisson (FR)

    MA-Theatre · Scenography : Workshop Theatre and nature

    A collaboration between La Manufacture, the ENSAV-LA CAMBRE of Brussels, the CRR of Nice and the ESAP Pavillon Bosio of Monaco.

    Addressed to the art and scenography students of the three partner schools and to the students of the Dramatic Art pole of the Conservatoire de Nice, the objective of this workshop is to attend, to experiment, and to stage collegially a contemporary theater text.

    From the text of the author, actress and director Sandrine Roche, La Vie des bord(e)s, the students have realized spectacular forms, with students actors and with all the components of the scenography - space, object, furniture, construction, time, movement, light, sound, costume, reading, performance, video, editing, direction. The aim was to question the relationship we have with nature, with the living, with "living together" and with "creating society in the current context" in order to fuel the debate from both an artistic and a theoretical point of view.

    After a preparatory period consisting of theoretical and practical courses, online meetings, and discussions conducted over the long term, the students met at the Cube, Studio théâtre de Hérisson between March 4 and 13. There, they formalized their project on the stage of this "working" theater.

    At Hérisson, the workshop was supervised by set designers and teachers Laurent P. Berger and Dominique Drillot from the Pavillon Bosio, Sylvie Kleiber from La Manufacture and Simon Siegmann from La Cambre.


    About La Vie des bord(e)s by Sandrine Roche:

    In a society that tends to close in on itself, that sacrifices the freedom of movement, and soon of thought, on the altar of a supposed security, this text reminds us that the leaden blanket can be cracked, even broken, by rediscovering the joy of collective action. An ode to emancipation and freedom, La vie des bord(e)s also enchants with its inventive musical language, full of incisions and words from elsewhere. This marvelously subversive tale in its content and jubilant in its form can be listened to or played with delight.


    La Manufacture
    Maude Bovey
    Maria Clara Castioni
    Caroline Savary
    Matthieu Stephan

    ENSAV – La Cambre
    Aylyn Bendehina
    Juliette Bestandji
    Benjamin Muzart
    Léa Salesse
    Chloe Tempelhof
    Louise Vacher Weiss

    Le Pavillon Bosio
    Katalina Cearca
    Ariane Curmi
    Coraline Delorme
    Thomas Guillaume
    Sarah Lacueille
    Sisi Liu

    Le CRR de Nice
    Robin Delval
    Aline Esdras
    Laure Sauret