Création & Interprétation

    Literal action: how to work with a text without being trapped by it

    This research project proposes to study acting directions in a non-explanatory and non-analytical relationship to a text. It is a question of deferring meaning, considering on the one hand that acting requires other methods than an investigation of "what is the meaning" and on the other hand that the rehearsal work allows a non predetermined approach to language. Literal action opens up original avenues of experimentation to short-circuit habits of textual interpretation. By experimenting with direct directing, and by focusing on the first degree to encourage the body to move, the vocabulary used for directing the actor and their body movements in space will be identified. The work will be based on the text Devant la parole by Valère Novarina, using the possibilities of the "pre-expressive" and the address for the actor.

    (Detail) La Cantate des mots camés (1971-1977) in François Dufrêne, Edition museuserralves, Museo de Arte contemporânea, 2007, p. 162.
    Slideshow: Joachim Sommer


    Prune Beuchat, actress, researcher
    Julien Meyer, stage director, researcher
    Maxine Reys, stage director, doctoral student


    Three formats of valorisation are planned for this research:    

    - A workshop at the Dansomètre, open to professional dancers (March 2023);
    - A conference-performance open to the public which will take place at the Dansomètre and then at La Manufacture (March 2023);
    - An article in the Journal de la recherche n°5 of La Manufacture (publication January 2024).

    Trois formats de valorisation sont prévus pour cette recherche :

    - Un atelier au Dansomètre, ouvert à des professionnel.le.s (mars 2023) ;

    - Une conférence-performée ouverte au public qui aura lieu au Dansomètre puis à La Manufacture (mars 2023) ;

    - Un article dans le Journal de la recherche n°5 de La Manufacture (parution janvier 2024).