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Manufacture - Studio 8
25.03.24 Manufacture - Studio 8

    IRMAS - Laboratoire Musique, arts de la scène et société - « Diversity in Dance Education »

    Gabriel Schenker et Catol Teixeira présentent le projet « Diversity in Dance Education », en présence de Nayansaku Mufwankolo, déléguéx à l'inclusivité à la HEAD Genève.
    Dans le cadre des soirées du laboratoire IRMAS « Musique, arts de la scène et société ».

    This research project aims at advancing diversity in higher dance education. It is conducted between three dance institutions: P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, La Manufacture in Lausanne, and SKH in Stockholm and in collaboration with Prof. Rosalba Icaza from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Prof. Rolando Vázquez from the University of Amsterdam. The work builds on the methodology developed for the ‘Let’s do Diversity’ report of the University of Amsterdam. Specifically, it combines decoloniality and intersectionality to research Dance education. Having started in autumn 2023 and finishing in summer 2025, the project is at its start. It will be an opportunity to present its organization, ideas, and goals, and exchange. 

    The session will be both in English and in French. Please register for the event before March 22nd.